Additions to Blogging Second Life

02/02/2021 – Due to the current situation with Covid-19, lockdown and home-schooling, updates to Blogging Second Life have been delayed. I (Evelyn) am the only person working on the directory and am currently at home, home-schooling two children whilst trying to run a store in SL! As soon as I am able, I will continue approving/ declining applications. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. 

If you would like your store or blog added to the directory, please follow the links below to the application forms. If you have been added but did not apply and would like to join the inworld group, please contact Evelyn Hartshon inworld.
Bloggers Application
Stores Application

Shoppers and readers are welcome to join the new inworld group. secondlife:///app/group/e4e5fe13-56c7-cc3c-8fb2-c6739545fdd9/about


Part Three of the Second Life Merchant Resource now available


Auryn Beorn, a Second Life merchant with over 4 years of experience with her store (Black Tulip) and as a CSR for Dutchie, has published the third part of what is bound to be an epic-series of free help guides for aspiring and existing Second Life merchants entitled “Merchant Resource”.

The third part in the series addresses issues of great importance to Second Life merchants, including:

She’s packed the third instalment with a huge amount of practical information that is clearly wrought from years of hands-on customer service work as a Second Life merchant and CSR.

Read and bookmark: “Deciding on Store Policies and Customer Service”

Featured image by Auryn Beorn.