We have temporarily disabled and are not accepting store creator applications, blogger applications or event applications until we can roll out the new and improved website.  If you applied prior to 02/07/2015 for a store creator, you have already received posting rights in the inworld group “The Stores & Creators List”.  If you are a blogger in our inworld group or hosting an event, we are still working on getting your tags, however please keep in mind that bloggers do not have posting rights in our inworld group.

In order to provide our readers with a good website, we have taken this necessary step so as to focus on the content we already have and streamline it for a more useful and enjoyable experience for you.

In addition, we will be adding in new entries for our newer members that have already received posting rights, but weren’t added to the site in this format.

While the information that is on the site is available, new information will be visible once the site update is complete.

Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work toward bringing you a more improved site.  Thank you and have a nice day.

Cee, Evie and Becky



Happy February everyone!

First, we’d like to welcome a new volunteer who is helping us revamp our blog site so as to make the data we are giving you more useful.  Becky (Canary Beck) is an ubersmart and incredibly resourceful resident and has been instrumental in helping us move forward with the next evolutionary phase of The Stores & Creators List.  Thank you, Becky and welcome aboard!

Second, all posting rights for creators are up to date in the inworld group and we are working on getting the other tags for both bloggers and event planners updated as quickly as possible.  Please remember that our staff is super small and we all have RL pressing on us as well as our inworld obligations above and byond that of this site. While we try to collectively tow the line of working for TS&CL and handling our other responsibilities, we do ask for and greatly appreciate your patience while we get everything to a level that will be suitable for our readers. Sufficed to say we are incredibly busy, but we are remaining 100% dedicated to Evie and Cajsa’s vision of giving you guys the most accessible information possible.

That being said, this blog site is going through some MAJOR changes on the back end. And we’re hoping that you guys will like the new look!  We are still working on where every piece fits, but rest assured, we have not forgotten about our new members to the stores, creators and event lists.

Some things to know:

  1. Over the next few weeks, the applications will be changing. While we try to capture as much information as we can, not all information provided on the application will be listed in this new format.
  2. Inworld stores that do not have marketplaces will still be listed on the site. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the fact that stores do move on a more frequent basis than not, we won’t be adding inworld SLUrls to the blog listings. This is a practice we have used for a long time, but we wanted to make sure that you understand why we haven’t been adding “just” inworld slurls to the information. Please know that this doesn’t mean that your store won’t be listed on this site. It will, but we will have links that direct them to the store creators profile (as we do with ALL of our creators) so that they can check for the current slurl to each store that way.
  3. We are revamping HOW the site will show listings.  As you have seen over the past few months, we have moved to an alphabetical listing for blogs.  The same is about to happen with the stores and creators side of the site.  This will make it easier for us to update and easier for creators to find their information on the front end.
  4. Events will also be changed. We are still sorting out details as to how these changes will take place. But we assure you, we are considering great care with each facet of this site.

That being said, a huge thank you to Becky for her help and a big welcome back to Evie who has been helping part time with this transition.

As always, if you have questions regarding the Stores & Creators List, please do not send messages to Cajsa or Evie as they are no longer permanently tied to this project. They have spent a great number of years shaping this project and while Evie is around part-time, we are also aware that with new life changes for her IRL and possibly SL that we do not wish to burden either of them with issues regarding the list. Please send an OFFLINE message to me, storesncreators resident inworld.  Do not send notecards; they get deleted on login.  Also, please allow us up to 5 business days (7 regular days) to process new applications.  While each of our staff members have specific jobs, we also have a great deal of applications to sort through and need the time to go and confirm information submitted.

Again thank you all for your patience and have a wonderful month!