Additions to Blogging Second Life

Each week new stores are added to the directory. In this post all new additions will be visible in the document below, which will be updated with a new sheet each week. If you would like your store added to the directory, please fill in the application at the bottom of this page. If you have been added but did not apply and would like to join the inworld group, please contact Evelyn Hartshon inworld.

This will also be done for the bloggers directory once it is updated.

Shoppers and readers are welcome to join the new inworld group. Please click HERE


Blogging Second Life News – January 2020

Hello readers. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! We have some changes to the group and directory that I would love to share with you.

As some of you know, ownership of The Stores & Creators List group and Blogging Second Life was changed earlier last year. Ownership has now returned to me, however the Stores & Creators List group is no longer active. We have a new group called Blogging Second Life. If you were a member of the original group, as either a blogger, creator or event coordinator, please contact Evelyn Hartshon to be added to the new group or leave a comment on this post or on Flickr. You do not need to reapply.

I have added some new categories to the application form/ directory – Gacha Reseller, Anthropomorphic, Services, Hair (Female & Male), Toys and Video Game Memorabilia, Food & Drink, Vehicles, Photographers Studio.

The Stores list has been fully checked, stores that have closed and have an empty Marketplace have been removed from the directory. All stores that have products on Marketplace have been untouched. Categories have been updated on some entries to match the Marketplace listings.

The Bloggers list has not been updated yet.

Applications are now open for the Stores directory. Please only apply once!

New Ownership

Hello everyone! 

I have some news to share with you. As of today (26/05/2019), Blogging Second Life and The Stores & Creators List group have new owners! 

I would like to welcome BobbiEden and anjealahShadow. These two lovely ladies have offered to take over the group and directory for me. They have the time, dedication and love that is needed to keep this project going,  something that I can no longer provide. 

I will be on the sidelines should any problems occur, but all questions must be sent to the new owners. 

Thank you ladies!

Evie <3

Blogging Second Life – Update July 2018

Dear readers,

I am happy to announce that applications for stores have reopened! Please follow this link to the application. Currently only the Stores application has reopened, there are no plans to reopen the blogger one yet. 

Once your application has been added to the directory, you will receive a group invitation (The Stores & Creators List) and an information pack. 

I (Evelyn) am the only person working on this site, so please be patient whilst your application is processed. It might take up to 3 working days. 

If you are a store that is already listed but you haven’t received the information pack or group invite please send Evelyn Hartshon a message inworld.

Thank you,

Evie <3


Blogging Second Life Update – September 2017

Dear readers,

It is with great sadness that I (Evelyn Hartshon) have decided that Blogging Second Life/ The Stores & Creators List will no longer be accepting applications for the foreseeable future. 

For the past few months there has only been one active member of the team and the work load has become too much for her. Like with the rest of us, real life has taken over and there is no longer any spare time for Second Life. 

The website will remain live and accessible, however it will not be updated after the current pending applications are processed. The Stores & Creators List Group will also remain open and I will assign moderators to keep an eye on the group. 

Thank you for being such loyal readers and followers over the past (nearly) 8 years! Also thank you to all the people that have helped with keeping Blogging Second Life up to date – Cajsa, Canary, Kilolo, IndigoSkye, Sash and Satori. (I’m sure there are more of you- sorry if I missed you!) 


Evelyn Hartshon

November Update

Hi everyone!

I  (Evelyn) am having to have another break from Blogging Second Life because 2 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl so she’s been taking up all my time. I will try to work on the blog once or twice a week when Megan is sleeping but no promises.

Whilst I’m gone, there will be only one person working on the blog so please bare that in mind when applying for the blog/ inworld group. Your application may take a while to be processed.

Thank you for still using Blogging Second Life. It wouldn’t be here without the readers!


Current Status of Blogging Second Life.

There are currently hundreds of applications waiting to be added to Blogging Second Life, for both blogs and stores. Storesncreators Resident (Cee) is working extremely hard to get these new additions added to the blog, however real life comes first. Both also have other commitments in Second Life. 

I (Evelyn) will help out as much as I can before my baby arrives (in less than 6 weeks) with the blogs and events pages. Unfortunately, since I am unable to log on to SL (laptop can’t handle SL), I can’t help with the stores list. 

If you would like to help Cee with this, please contact her inworld. Kilolo Jenkins is an emergency contact only.

I ask you to please be a little more patient.

Thank you